Social Reinvestment, WA has engaged in extensive research, as a means of clarifying and contextualising the challenges, choices and solutions that are presented to us as members of the Western Australian community. We have gathered the following resources to serve as a means of documenting our process and policies, to better inform the community about what we stand for and what we plan to do.


Fairness in fines: POLICY PAPER no.2 on FINE DEFAUT REFORM

February 2019
A second position paper in response to proposed reforms to WA’s fine default legislation.

SRWA Submission to closing the gap refresh

April 2018
Response to call out for submissions in response to the 10 Year Closing the Gap Refresh Process by the Australian Government.

Position Paper on Imprisonment for Fine Default in Western Australia

Originally September 2017. Updated April 2018.
Read our full position paper on Western Australia's practice of imprisoning people for fine default only.

key reform and policy targets: SRWA


The following twenty two policy recommendations are the product of extensive collaboration between leading agencies and organisations who are members of the Social Reinvestment WA.

Social reinvestment FOR WA

A booklet outlining why WA needs Social Reinvestment.

Discussion paper: A Social reinvestment approach in western australia

A 2016 paper prepared for the WA Partnership Forum, examining issues prevalent in the Western
Australian Justice system, including increasing incarceration rates and costs, higher crime,
and the disproportionate rate of imprisonment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
persons; exploring existing alternative approaches that have successfully combated these
issues; and exploring the use of a Social Reinvestment approach in Western Australia.