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WA has the highest level of over-representation of Aboriginal people in custody in the nation.  Despite representing just 3% of the population, a legacy of inter-generational trauma from the Stolen Generations, systemic discrimination, socioeconomic disadvantage, poverty, and inequality has resulted in the shocking situation where Aboriginal people make up 78% of the kids, over half the women, and approximately 40% of men we send to prison. 

Social Reinvestment WA (SRWA) is an coalition of eighteen not-for-profits, who have a new vision for an effective and connected approach to justice in Western Australia,  co-chaired by Aboriginal and sector leaders, Daniel Morrison and Glenda Kickett. 

At SRWA we advocate for WA to implement Social Reinvestment policies prioritising healthy families, implementing smart justice, and creating safe communities for all Western Australians; stopping the causes of crime before they're committed, and ultimately closing the gap and ending the over-representation of Aboriginal people in custody in WA.

Our work involves research, policy, advocacy and lobbying, and community awareness raising and organising. Working together as a Coalition allows for independent advocacy for systemic change, and holistic policy and law reform. It also is a key example of the collaboration needed to resolve justice issues in our society.

Social Reinvestment strategies make economic and social sense, are better for all of us, better for families, and better for communities.

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A Social Reinvestment Framework for Western Australia

Social Reinvestment is a holistic and evidence based approach to improving community safety, the wellbeing of families and individuals, and reducing the number of people we send to prison. 

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Our Coalition Members


what can you do?

Let's Work Together

Social Reinvestment solutions to tackling the crisis of Aboriginal over-representation in prison and in child protection, require a holistic approach. We all need to work together to close the gap in justice and child protection sectors.

We believe in your role as a member of WA's community you can be key in making a difference in this area. Your work can change the record on Aboriginal incarceration, and change the story for future generations to come.

Social Reinvestment WA has identified priorities for reform by undertaking extensive research; analysing available data; and by drawing on our members' professional expertise and experience of working within the justice system, in the community sector, and with Aboriginal people. We believe a whole system, in the community sector, and with Aboriginal people. We believe a whole system approach is needed to address the underlying causes of offending. The elements of implementing the framework, in short, are: 

  1. Supporting families early to address the underlying issues that can lead to crime;
  2. Diverting people who are in trouble with the law into support programs that will stop them from further offending;
  3. Assisting people who are imprisoned or transitioning out of prison to reintegrate into the community;
  4. Reforming laws that unfairly target minority groups;
  5. Prioritising cultural, social, and emotional well-being in all responses.

We want to talk to you about the concrete building blocks of Social Reinvestment, the framework, the policies. And how you can lay the foundations of Healthy Families, Smart Justice, and Safe Communities in your work.


Social Reinvestment strategies make economic and social sense, are better for all of us, better for families, and better for communities.

Join us. Let's work together for an effective and connected approach to justice.



Visions of Social Reinvestment

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In Western Australia, Aboriginal kids are 52 times more likely than their peers to be put in prison.

These are kids that are slipping through the cracks, they need intensive support, not prisons. 
And these same kids grow up to be adults.
Western Australia imprison Aboriginal people at the highest rates in the country- at a rate nine times higher than black South Africans under the Apartheid regime.

We need to Close the Gap on Justice.

Close the Gap goals were set 10 years ago by the Australian government to tackle the huge economic, healthy and education inequalities experienced by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 
Only three of those seven targets are on track.
And none of them look at the huge gaps in our justice system. That Aboriginal people are more likely to be sent to prison. To be arrested rather than cautioned. To be jailed for unpaid fines. 

Social Reinvestment WA is calling for change. This year we're campaigning for justice targets to be introduced into the Close the Gap framework. Ending the cycle of incarceration, trauma, and injustice starts here.
And you can be part of it.

We need to raise $10,000 by March 31st, 2018. The end of Close the Gap month.
We're an organisation big in community support, but small in resources. Your contribution will be vitally important to help keep us operating that little while longer, and working to right this major injustice.

For ever dollar you contribute until March 31st, an anonymous donor has offered to match every single public contribution up to $10,000. Which means we could crowdfund up to $20,000 with your help!